As fashions change, taste and preferred styles grow with you, your jewellery can become something that you don’t wear as often as you used to. It still holds the memories of the special moments in your life, which can make it hard to let go of these pieces, but you don’t necessarily have to.
The gold and gemstones hold sentimental value, which we can recycle, re-melt and re-use to create a new style, and a new chapter to the story along with the old memories it already holds.
We start the process by looking at the gemstones you have, and how they can be reconfigured into a custom design that suits you better. We ask you what you prefer when it comes to jewellery, how jewellery fits into your lifestyle, and then guide you in choosing the best elements for your new sentimental piece.

The designs are drawn by hand, in ink and pencil, and then the chosen design is created using traditional techniques that result in the highest quality handmade jewellery. Everything is completed in Perth by our skilled Mount Lawley team, who can be seen creating custom jewellery in our onsite workshop.
Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside the box to come up with a result that is truly spectacular. Come and speak to our designers, gemmologist, diamond graders, and goldsmith or have a look at some of our creations here.